We are the active player of the information society.

  • Our vision

    Our vision

    Achieving the status of the recommended and most frequently elected a recruitment agency in the field of IT is our vision. We make all eforts to achieve of this goal daily.

  • Our mission

    Our mission

    Constructing of the partnership relations with the best companies on the market by supply of the IT specialists, based on common values and deference is our mission.

  • Our values

    Our values

    People we work for are the biggest value for us. Succeses of our clients are our victory. We have active participation in construction of the information society.

Why we came up with
the idea for the IT Rules?

IT Rules' vision
  • Directors, IT managers and HR waiting for business partner that effectively deliver skilled IT professionals.
  • The best candidates deserve expert personnel who will ensure that the individual qualifications and suitability were met with an ideal position.
  • IT recruitments - our true passion.